As we approach Summer and the temperatures increase I feel that I have nowhere near enough Polo Shirts – my preference for this weather. As I was scouring the internet looking to refresh my wardrobe, I came across the Gant online store – one of my favourite brands. The Gant premium lifestyle brand combines American casualness with European elegance that launched all the way back in 1949. So they must know a thing or two. Their range of Men’s Polo Shirts is really exciting, consisting of vibrant colours that are perfect for the Summer. No one wants to wear blacks and greys at this time of year, so here are a couple of Gant polo shirts for men to brighten up your day.

Men's Polo Shirt


I’ve just come across this brand and it looks brilliant. Elvis Jesus. That is what they are called! Brilliant name, love the thinking process behind this label name. ‘Lets just stick together the two most popular, talked about names in history.’ I’m going to start up my own brand, it’s called ‘Cesaer Hitler’ The website looks so clean and appealing. Some of their clothes are really cool if a little too pricey. Certainly a nice getaway from the same old brands like G Star and Diesel. These clothes seem to have an originality and personality I like. I love it when certain brands are so out there and willing to push the boundaries. I think the expensive price comes down to the fact that each item of clothing is handcrafted. Certainly looks like many hours have been applied to the design of this T-shirt.

Handcrafted t-shirt

Elvis Jesus seem to specialise in T-shirts but i’m really digging their polo shirts.

Handcrafted Polo Shirt

T-shirts I don’t think get more controversial than this. I don’t know what blasphemy is but i’m sure this is pretty close.

Blasphemous T shirt

I don’t know how long Elvis Jesus have been around for but i doubt i will forget them soon.

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