One look that will stay around for a while is the lumberjack look. These are casual shirts that are checked (tartanesque) and provides the image that you cut down trees for a living. I do like the look, it is just so common though. Absolutely everyone has one of these checked casual shirts. I am even wearing one of these shirts as I am writing this. I would wear these shirts more often it they were a bit more original. However, some of my favourites come courtesy of Bench who have a cool range of casual shirts.

Checked Shirt

Bench Casual Shirt

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As it is approaching summer I have decided to post my ideal outfit for this season. After looking through various brands, I decided to go with Reiss as their new SS10 collection is pretty cool. I think this outfit not only looks great but also looks really comfortable. Sometimes comfort is sacrificed for style but not this time. I’ve gone for a casual look but there still remains a level of sophistication that i like. I don’t usually wear hats but I think once again hats will be huge this summer and I’m really digging this one. The casual jacket will be ideal for protection against the chill of the summer nights.

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Luxury Shirts!

May 12, 2010

I’ve always been quite a big fan of Duchamp London. Their products bring life and colour to the dull environment of the office. Some of their luxury shirts are just brilliant. Not only do they look good, but they are quality as well – just trust me with this. They are designed in house, hand cut from Italian fabric. Celebrities including Jonathon Ross and Stephen Fry have been seen sporting these shirts from Duchamp so they must be good. It is the colour and patterns that just grabs my attention every time. I’m too used to looking at dull blues and whites in the office. These striped shirts are so colourful; I would be surprised if you couldn’t see them in the dark. Really digging their website as well. Cool, dark background that is in stark contrast to the vibrant striped shirts and ties. The website provides real insight into each step of the tie and shirt making process. You know then that you are buying quality.

Striped Shirts

Striped Shirt

Luxury Shirt