Mark Ronson Couture!

June 3, 2010

Mark Ronson has to be one of the best dressed men out there right now, providing inspiration for all men. He is constantly being snapped in fresh, original outfits. He does’nt so much as follow trends but sets them. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find out that Gucci have asked Mark Ronson to design a limited edition range of trainers that will be sold exclusively in a new  store, Gucci Icon-Temporary that recently opened up in London. Again, no surprise that these shoes are styled with Ronson’s iconic look – one being polka-dot and the other grey flannel. Both look great!

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As we live in an environmental conscious society, certain designers have seen fit to jump on the band wagon by trying to get consumers to reduce their Carbon footprint – cue Timberland’s Earthkeeper 2.0 boat shoe. This is Timberland’s answer to saving the environment. For decades, scientists and geologists have been working day and night in order to find a solution to stop global warming, if only they had approached Timberland. These deck shoes can be recycled when they are no longer seaworthy by returning them to any of the brand’s stores, to be used for future products. Do Timberland actually believe these boat shoes will ‘Keep the Earth’ or is it just another publicity stunt? Whatever the reason, I do like their style.

Unless you have been living in a cave, you will aware that the new Sex And the City movie had it’s World premiere this week in New York followed by the premiere in London. The mass public were excited to try and get a glimpse of the stars of what may be one of the biggest films of the year. And it’s no surprise that all attention had turned to what the leading stars have been wearing to these premieres.  Under most pressure from public scrutiny was Sarah Jessica Parker, who over the years has generated this image of being a style icon. At the London premiere to Sex And The City she did not disappoint. I love this dress, outdoing her co stars with relative ease. The dress is so classy and elegant and she just sparkles in it.

Sarah Jessica Parker turned up to the London Premiere with a billowing Alexander McQueen black strapless dress with a towering hat and black lace court shoes. She also wore a black armband with what people believe to be a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen. The outrageous hat sparked memories of the fabulous hat she wore at the  premiere of the first Sex And The City Film in 2008.

As it is approaching summer I have decided to post my ideal outfit for this season. After looking through various brands, I decided to go with Reiss as their new SS10 collection is pretty cool. I think this outfit not only looks great but also looks really comfortable. Sometimes comfort is sacrificed for style but not this time. I’ve gone for a casual look but there still remains a level of sophistication that i like. I don’t usually wear hats but I think once again hats will be huge this summer and I’m really digging this one. The casual jacket will be ideal for protection against the chill of the summer nights.

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Black And Blue Kicks

April 20, 2010

I was out shopping the other day and I saw these. I think it was love at first sight. I’ve already got about 5 pairs that look similar to these but I just thought that I’ve got to buy these. Really like the rubber sole going around it.

Au contraire, I saw these and thought I was going to be sick in the middle of the shop. I can not imagine anyone picking this shoe up and thinking ‘Wow these look really cool. They’re going to look great on me’ But that ‘s just my opinion